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JR Database - Features


All Of Your Content is Included

Your new website starts with everything.  No more waiting.


  • All content is SSL secured (https://)
  • Online scheduling and Live Queue available
  • Custom industry images, videos & content added
  • Every website includes a custom database built-in
  • Make content private for employees or clients
  • Step-by-step guidance & no coding required
  • All websites are 100% mobile-friendly
  • Add a multi-level custom search to your data
  • Video backgrounds w/image and text overlay



Live Data = More Fresh Content

Live data updates multiple web pages at once.






Online Booking

Have clients book online and even on their phone for open times.  Run a Live Queue that displays wait time in real time directly on your website.  No more calls or guesswork when you're available.  Saves you time and makes you more money!



Custom Search

A turn-key custom search feature adds to any data and includes up to 4 levels of custom drop-down fields allowing users to find exactly what they're looking for, even through thousands of records.  



Background Videos

Add Youtube videos to the background on half or full page inserts and overlay with text, screened color or images.  Video dramatically improves your message and is standard for all new websites.


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Forms Everywhere

Request information forms automatically generate on your data tool postings.  Newsletter signup feature is included with all new websites.   Enhance your forms with custom fields.


Your Website's Data Tools

Separate data allows for placement anywhere in your website.  Add custom fields, feature postings easily.

Increase Views & Traffic

Database content and more of it creates more traffic and higher Google results vs. static websites.

Link Data Together
Relate any of your data together, such as Employees to Projects, Parts to Products, etc.

Custom Search
A custom search can be added allowing up to four levels of combined search of your data.

Online Booking and Live Queue

Maximize your schedule.  Market slow hours.  Display Live Queue with wait times.

Add/Share Private Data

Make a page or part of any page private & secure for admins, employees or customers.

Files & Attachments

Store images, PDF's, Youtube videos for client access in multiple parts of your new website.

Add Private & Secure Data to any Page

Easily show/hide info based on who's logged in

Public User Content

Keep content public and also control the ability to securely hide any add-on information for customers, employees or admins.  Don't publically display valuable phone numbers, email addresses or schematics you desire only customers, vendors, employees or admins to access to.  Our built-in, secure login controls who sees what and when and is secured by multiple 50 bit encryption methods.



Private Customer Content

Your clients use your website currently as their primary source of info and research for your business and you can now give them secure access to data, forms or schematics that you don't want publically available.  Private and secure customer data saves phone calls, emails and frustration for both employees and your clients.


Private Employee Content

Go further and use your website as a secure company Intranet, giving employees valuable info on your products and services not accessible by the public or customers.  Private data avoids costly misquotes or research by simply adding private, secure data onto any section or area of your company website. 

Add as little or as much custom, private data as needed!

          is an innovative cloud-based AI website development platform. We make it easy to create a beautiful, professional business website that includes all of your features and content at start.

Promote your business, showcase your ads and even create a secure Intranet for employees.

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