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JR Database - How It Works

Welcome to smart web design.  Our advanced and proprietary algorithms create instant, turn-key and feature-rich custom websites built around your industry.  

Not just galleries, about or contact pages, but real usable features, database functionality and your industry specific content built right into every new mobile-friendly website.. right from signup!  


How It Works

Smart websites build themselves - so you don't have to

1. Our software builds your website & database

Select your industry, pick a style and color scheme and we do the rest, gathering industry info, images and creating a custom website with content and database tools tailored to you and your specific needs.



2. We personalize and launch your website 

Our expert designers work with you to put the finishing touches on your website.. adding your logo, making quick tweaks and showing you how to successfully maintain your site and grow your online presence.

 2-3 DAYS


3. Grow beyond your imagination!

Our software makes it possible for your target audience to easily discover your website and stay at the top. We keep an eye on ever-changing SEO practices to make sure your website always meets that criteria.




Enjoy a website that has everything you need.. and more!

The design + database advantage


We take a unique approach to web design.  By separating your design from your custom database, it opens up advantages and turn-key features not available from any other web design service or professional web designer.




Completed websites create instantly and include ALL of your customized content.  Easily update your pages and Data Tools (products, services, employees, ads, faqs, testimonials..) in simple data entry forms, which include custom fields you can add to.  Quickly update colors, fonts and design elements separately.


No content to start.. you must add it

Get basic web pages only (about, contact..)

Website not designed for your business type

Want professional results?  Wait and pay a designer or developer


Website starts with ALL of your content!

Get the web pages/features you desire at start

Website designed around your business

Advanced marketing and database functionality built into website

Also Receive..

All of your web content SSL secure (https://)

SEO added to all of your data

Online booking and Live Queue available

More relative content = better Google results

Custom ads & lead generation built right in

Schedule content to publish at a later date

Data links together to share between pages

Add custom fields to any of your data

Data tools store your datasets separately to make updating simple

Add private content for admins, employees & customers

CRM & back-end management included

Modify design elements, content and features easily


Easy as Pie!  ..the kind you don't have to make yourself.




Build your completed website today!

 is an innovative cloud-based AI website development platform. We make it easy to create a beautiful, professional business website that includes all of your features and content at start.

Promote your business, showcase your ads and even create a secure Intranet for employees.

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