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JR Database - About Us

Smart websites are just a click away


Our unique approach and exclusive technology provides something that has never been offered before.. fully functional and completed websites with all of the advanced database features, industry specific and customized content, images and applications at start. 

What normally takes 6 months or more and costing thousands working with a custom web developer or designer, our proprietary AI technology enables you to get that fully-featured custom website you desire, in just minutes.

No coding required, no need to hire web designers, developers or content professionals.  The costly hours simply won't add up beyond the initial fee's other's advertise for their blank templates, nor will you have to worry about going it alone.


A little bit of rebellion and a whole lot different

We've taken the approach of giving you a lot more.. for less.




Our founders always look to improve function where others may not see the need.

We set out to improve the way websites are built and the content and features they don't provide.   Knowing that fresh, accurate data, and more of it, makes a dramatic improvement in a website's search results, JR Database was formed.

We take the time to listen to our clients and continually add unique turn-key and database driven features to improve the service.  This takes priority over releasing the same basic website builder product you've seen over and over again.  Your business has lots of untapped data that other web builder products don't handle well ⚊ from your current product and service listings, employees, projects, photos, promotions, testimonials, custom forms and more.

We live by one simple question, "What would be your dream website?  Now go further and let's make that happen."  After years of development, we're now ready to make it happen for all.  If you need a new website, on a small or grand scale, we hope you'll try JR Database.  We made it with people like you in mind.
 is an innovative cloud-based AI website development platform. We make it easy to create a beautiful, professional business website that includes all of your features and content at start.

Promote your business, showcase your ads and even create a secure Intranet for employees.

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